Hello Family and Friends,

Welcome To Our Pirate Wedding Website!

Hope you enjoy your visit as you peruse through the various pages of our wedding details and adventures together.

Okay, so we're not really pirates. We're not even pirate reenactors. We're just two lovebirds who happen to be best friends and who love to see the humor in things. Months ago, during the anxiety of planning a wedding, we joked about just tossing the traditional wedding aside and having a pirate wedding. Weeks later, the joke stopped being a joke, and we realized how much fun a pirate wedding would really be.

Traditional weddings are stressful and stuffy, but we've discovered that planning a pirate wedding is fun! We both think this wedding is going to be a blast. Our relationship has always been about kicking back and having a good laugh. What better way to celebrate that kind of love than a good ol' fashioned pirate wedding?

Dressing as pirates, creating pirate decor, and finding the happy medium between tasteful and scallywag allows us to be creative and get into the spirit of planning this wedding. Instead of getting fitted for tuxes and dresses, we're hand picking the fabrics for our frock coats and wench bodices. Instead of comparing piles of elegant invitations, we're sending out a message in a bottle.

Yes, we're probably crazy and at least a little weird, but who cares? We're having a great time planning and more importantly, we're celebrating our love and our union with family and friends in the beautiful Atlantis Marine World Aquarium surrounded by exotic fishes and marine life from all over the world.......We are loving it !!!.......We can't wait to share the good times and the Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with you all....

Hope to see y'all soon Mateys !!!!!

Arrgghhh !!!!


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